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LuneTraC Project

Lancaster has a long history of industrial sites set along the River Lune, and there ia a whole sequence of outfalls into the Lune estuary, many of which are of unknown origin.

Geoff was commissioned with the Ribble Rivers Consultancy to investigate the effect that these outfalls were having on water quality, and to look for opportunities to improve the situation by introducing sustainable drainage and wetland treatment initiatives.  The study area was also badly affected during the 2015 floods, so it was important to look for opportunities that may also reduced flood risk.

During the study we found out that there were several streams in the study area that had never seen the light of day for many years, being culverted underground for their entire length before outfalling into the River.  We identified an opportunity to restore some sections of waterway, which could improve water quality, manage the flood risk and provide wildlife habitat.   We also identified the need to engage with site operators and homeowners in the area to promote pollution prevention measures, and fould some potential opportunities to improve water quality using sustainable drainage techniques.