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New UK Wetland Treatment Guidance

Posted on Oct. 4, 2017 by Geoff Sweaney

New UK Guidelines on treating septic tank effluent from small sewage discharges has been launched by the Constructed Wetland Association (CWA) at their Annual Conference.  Geoff Sweaney is the chair of the CWA and was instrumental in developing the document.  Geoff explains: "At the CWA we are aware of a huge demand from regulators and wetland users for a "best practice" approach that professional wetland designers can all agree upon.  Its something that delegates raise every time we have a conference or a workshop, and we think this document meets that need.  It was a real collaborative effort,  developed at a workshop by a number of the UK's leading wetland designers, and I think we all learned a good deal from sitting together and having an animated dialogue about wetland design".

Currently the UK Building Regulations point to a document on reed bed treatment developed in 2000, however there have been many advances in wetland treatment technology in the intervening years, and the CWA saw a clear need for an update.  The CWA is in dialogue with the UK regulatory authorities, and expects that their guidelines will become the new "Gold Standard" for wetland treatment of septic tank effluent in the UK. 

The guidelines are available to download free of charge HERE.  The CWA is hoping to develop further guidelines for other wetland applications in forthcoming years.